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I almost stumbled upon this approach. I wanted to incorporate written narration writing the story in their own words of the Bible. Since my two youngest were only 5 and 7 at the time I decided that they could use a notebook to illustrate the story. Am I glad I did. What an incredible tool this is-teaching a child to tell the story of God through illustrations.

This was such a fruitful experience for the children and for one particular child I saw the most intuitive understanding of the text. We do this for one Bible book and then give it a rest as they can tire of it. Putting the Bible in context for our children is essential.

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When they have the groundwork of knowing the stories we can then begin to teach them how it all fits together. Jesse Tree at Christmas time. This helps them learn the genealogy of Jesus. This is excellent for younger children. I found this resource really helped us all understand the sequence of events.

You can buy it as an ebook and it took me ages to buy it and when I started using it I was kicking myself for not getting it earlier. It will help protect them from teaching that undermines the authority of the Bible. They need to understand about defending their faith. They need to know why believing the word of God is not stupid or foolish.

Learning apologetics can be found in Archaeology and Creation Science. I have tried the card approach to teaching memorization but I found it all a bit dry and I kept forgetting to drill them. But I have used songs. As the children get older I encourage them to read the Bible on their own. The order of study is the same for each level — you will get through the full program in four years if you do two lessons per week lessons altogether.

But the student pages have different activities depending on the age group that level is aimed at. That way you can use this program at the same time for all of your kids, no matter their age. Years later, her children developed this into a full program that has been improved into what you see today. I love that this is run by a family who have a sincere desire to help all ages learn about the Lord without any kind of agenda or denominational bias.

You can read more of their story here.

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We were reviewing the Primary level intended for grades as my oldest is going into second grade and my second child into kindergarten. The reason for this is that kids this age may not be reading well yet but are largely past the stage of simply coloring, so the teacher guide provides a way for the parent to help as necessary and still act as the teacher.

If you have other kids who need other levels, you will have to adapt either the Primary to everyone else, or adapt the other levels to your kids in the Primary age group. The alternative is purchasing the level everyone needs and just doing the Primary level with your Primary kids. These are made of nice cardstock with full color fronts. They review each book of the Bible in picture form on the front and in text on the back for the parent to read aloud.

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The one for Genesis can be seen in one of the pictures below. The back side of the card has a synopsis of the book with questions to go over. This set of three maps and a giant timeline were part of why I wanted to review this. We love timelines!

Bible Stories for Kids! The Story of Creation (Episode 1)

They are a great tool for visual learners and kinesthetic learners. We do have toddlers, and I was able to safely fold these up and store them behind my dresser. These all turned out to be super neat learning tools. You can purchase the labels that go on them and the teacher guide tells you what to take off and put on for each lesson. The timeline comes in two sections, and I used two pieces of foam board for each of them. There is one map that is larger and that one also took up two pieces of foam board, and the other two maps took one piece each. It was easy to take out the boards with the timeline and stand them up on our kitchen counter and then lean a map up in front of it when it came time for that part of the lesson.

I think they will be pretty durable this way. Sometimes I used the maps to show them more about what we were studying, such as when Joseph was taken from his home in Canaan into slavery in Egypt. I wish I could say we used it as much as we intended to but life happened! We did get through the first seven lessons over a six-ish week period. They chunked the material up very well so there was the perfect amount of information in each lesson plus plenty of review.

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The student pages have cartoons, fill-in-the-blanks, lines to draw, a little bit of coloring to do, people to circle, the list goes on. There is often a map or timeline for them to do something to also; these are the same as the large size ones for the walls. They are technically supposed to use different colors for different activities but we are low on our variety of colored pencils due to toddlers who shall remain nameless.

My oldest was asking to do Bible study all the time so I tried my best to make it happen as often as we could fit it in. I definitely prefer not to say no to Bible time! Part of the reason we had some trouble fitting it in was due to the amount of time it takes. They do pay attention, though!

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Even if they are a little antsy toward the end. I never timed it but I typically would carve out a full hour to cover everything, including setting up the visual aids, cutting out new labels for them, and putting everything away. We did use the timeline for each lesson and we used whatever map the lesson called for, usually just one or two of them. Adam and Eve And who were the three fathers who lived in tents? Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob Jacob had 12 sons but his favorite was who?

Joseph How did his brothers feel about that? They were jealous and hated him It got worse when Joseph had dreams that they would all bow down to him and his father gave him a special coat.

So what did they do to him?