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In some respects, California students may be better equipped to have these conversations than most. Jerry Brown signed legislation in that made California the first state in the nation to mandate that schools teach sexual consent.

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Since , when the law took effect, school districts that require their graduates to take a health class have had to teach students about affirmative consent, defined by the state as conscious and voluntary agreement to engage in sexual activity. California students also now are required to take sexual health classes unless their parents request that they be excused. In his AP Government class, Cabezas had asked students to bring in examples of current events related to what they are studying. Why would an accuser bring this up so many years later? Could Kavanaugh be criminally prosecuted?

He might have the class analyze media coverage of the allegations or compare what happens in this case with what happened when Anita Hill spoke out about Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas, more than a decade before they were born. Right now, he said, his students are just learning about federalism. Twitter: annamphillips.

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Assault (Texas Law; 85th Update)

How should high school teachers talk about Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh? California Education. Get The Assault from Amazon.

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