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This allegiance proved crucial and has continued alongside the growing global support for Thaye Dorje, despite strong partisan polemics and scholarly contention, especially in the U.

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Scherer 28— The schism also sped up the formal modernisation within the Diamond Way. During this third charismatic phase — , the Diamond Way continued to expand globally. As of , increasing travel activities in Central and Southern America and the post-communist countries of Eastern Europe had allowed the movement to grow to more than centres worldwide. At the same time early signs of late-charismatic consolidations emerged; gradually, the wealth of possible Tibetan Deity Yoga practices for the relatively few serious practitioners who went beyond the extensive preliminary cycles of meditation was reduced to the single, aforementioned 8th Karmapa guru-yoga practice.

Initially only a dozen, their number grew steadily to over 30 in ; by , there were see Scherer ; a homogeneous, streamlined and conformist movement emerged, in which Nydahl grew less and less patient with both spiritual and personal diversity. Several events hailed the end of expansion and the beginning of the newly emphasised consolidation: with the death of Lopon Tsechu Rinpoche 10 June , Diamond Way lost one of its most charismatic traditional supporters.

Two months later 31 July , Nydahl had a serious parachute accident and left health care professionals fighting for his life for several weeks, with months of rehabilitation following. The final and most decisive incision occurred with the death of Hannah Nydahl on April 1, after long illness; a very private person, she had left the extrovert activities to Ole Nydahl while working in the background: the Diamond Way had clearly entered the ongoing, consolidating late-charismatic period.

Furthermore, establishing and building up centres is hagiographically argued to be more important than undergoing formal training which Nydahl himself lacks and is also presented as a means to achieve equivalent levels of spiritual realisation while compassionately working for the benefit of humanity.

Interestingly, rhetorically placing charismatic leadership and Buddhist activity above meditation retreats has a prominent Tibetan precursor in, i. In particular, the ever present hetero-machismo and hetero- sexual promiscuity within the Diamond Way has drawn strong criticism Scherer Yet, these auxiliary teachers are not performing any core functions of a Tibetan Buddhist teacher lama , such as giving refuge.

A set of major changes occurred in the summer of After a string of health problems Nydahl announced on 10 June that he will discontinue offering his trademark phowa courses teaching phowa is traditionally seen as a strain on health of the teacher. Further, the death of Shamar Rinpoche on the following day impacts the whole Karma Kagyu community significantly, including the transitioning late-charismatic movement, adding further insecurities for its future. Their general role will be to strengthen the human side, answer questions that our Diamond Way teachers do not cover and bring necessary issues to the lama.

The post-charismatic future of the Diamond Way will largely depend on its positioning towards the Karma Kagyu tradition. Nydahl has fostered or at least: tolerated a personality cult around him, which is openly breeding sectarian tendencies and calling for a stronger break from the Tibetan tradition.

Whether the recent developments within the Diamond Way are viewed as cultish or simply prudent completely depends on the observer. The meditations included in all versions from the 2nd German edition onwards have been constantly modified and modernized. Evans-Wentz in ; for a recent new translation see Quintman The earliest evidence for this claim I could find is a German interview in the magazine Esotera from reproduced as appendix to Nydahl Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo. The English versions and the German from the second edition include a picture of Sister Palmo.

She was an impressive lady of the old school who was able to stay for years at Rumtek due to Indian citizenship. Among other things, she sent four Tibetan incarnations to the west in , after training them at her school at Dalhousie. She was an impressive lady of the old school who was able to stay for years at Rumtek due to an Indian citizenship.

She had been with Dalai Lama first but then went to Karmapa because she would rather meditate than debate. At this time she did more for the Tibetan refugees and their culture than probably anyone else.

Not everything was a success, however. Among other things, three of the four Tibetan incarnations she sent to Scotland in , after training them at her school in the western Himalayas, became quite an embarrassment to Tibetan Buddhism. Especially in the UK and North America, they seriously slowed-and slow-the development of a self-reliant Diamond Way Buddhism on transparent Western premises.

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It was the meditation on the eighth Karmapa and his energy-field. As her Tibetan was not good and she did embody a strong Christian, Hindu, and Gelugpa background, some of her instructions we had to discard later. I thank drs. Joost Palenstijn, Rangjung Yeshe institute, Kathmandu, for critically checking the translation from the Tibetan. Anderson, Jens H. Anthony, Dick and Ecker, Bruce New York: Paragon House, pp. Batchelor, Stephen Berkeley: Parallax Press. Baumann, Martin Charles and Baumann, Martin eds. Westward Dharma: Buddhism beyond Asia.

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  • Dansk Dharma: Buddhisme og Buddhister i Danmark. Caplan, Mariana Prescott, AZ: Hohm Press. Coleman, James William The New Buddhism: The Western transformation of an ancient tradition. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Evans-Wentz, Walter Y. Edited with Introduction and Annotations. Freiberger, Oliver. Galanter, Marc Cults: Faith, Healing, and Coercion. KKD Die Karmapa Meditation: Sonderausgabe.

    He has been everywhere received with remarkable enthusiasm.

    He has not been allowed a moment of leisure. He has taught our people to appreciate Buddhism, and to see our duty to impart it to all nations. Since his discourses in Tokyo, the young men of the Imperial University and High Schools have organised a Young Men's Buddhist Association, after the model of the Young Men's Christian Association, to propagate our religion; and some learned and influential gentlemen have given encouragement.

    An additional lustre has also been given to Buddhism by his coming. It has always maintained a diversity of opinion, motivated by the desire to stimulate debate rather than to promote a particular political 'line'. Its publications represent only the views of their authors. Bernard Shaw [and others] Edited by G.

    Diamond Way Beginnings

    Bernard Shaw. Darin von Annie Besant: Industry under Socialism. Besant was divorced from her clergyman husband Frank Besant, younger brother of Walter Besant, and she had to leave both her children behind. She fought for the causes she thought were right, starting with freedom of thought, women's rights, birth control, Fabian socialism and workers' rights.

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    She was a prolific writer and a powerful orator. Blavatsky in and writing a review on this book. Soon after becoming a member of the Theosophical Society she went to India for the first time in Thereafter she devoted much of her energy not only to the Theosophical Society, but also to India's freedom and progress. Together with Charles Webster Leadbeater she investigated the universe, matter and the history of mankind through clairvoyance.

    The two became embroiled over Leadbeater's advice to young boys to masturbate. At the time such advice was highly controversial. He had to leave the Theosophical Society over this in In he was taken back into the fold through the agency of Besant, who had been elected president of the Theosophical Society in upon the death of the previous president Henry Steel Olcott. Up until Besant's presidency, the society had, as one of its foci Theravada Buddhism and the island of Ceylon where Henry Olcott did the majority of his useful work.

    Under Besant's leadership there was a decisive turn away from this and a refocusing of their activities on "The Aryavarta", as she called central India. Besant actively courted Hindu opinion more than former Theosophical leaders. This was a clear reversal of policy from Blavatsky and Olcott's very public conversion to Buddhism in Ceylon, and their promotion of Buddhist revival activities on the subcontinent see also: Maha Bodhi Society. Soon after Besant's inheritance of the presidency, in , Leadbeater discovered Jiddu Krishnamurti on the private beach that was attached to the societies headquarters at Adyar.

    Krishna had been living there with his father and brother for a few months prior to this. This discovery started years of upheaval in the Theosophical Society in Adyar, as the boy was proposed as the incarnate vessel for the Christ. Jiddu Krishnamurti and his brother Nitya were brought up by Theosophists from that moment on, with a subsequent lawsuit filed by his father. Eventually, in , Krishnamurti ended up disbanding the Order of the Star of the East, which had been founded to support him and of which he had been made the leader. This destroyed Besant's spirit, as it went against her ideals.

    Die Buddhas Vom Dach Der Welt: Mein Weg Zu Den Lamas (German Edition)

    She tried to accommodate Krishnamurti's views into her life, but never really succeeded. The two remained friends, though, until the end of her life.

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    Abfahrt von Japan nach Colombo mit vier japanischen Novizen, die in Ceylon Buddhismus studieren sollten und auch Exemplare des Pali-Tipitaka nach Japan bringen sollten. Vom ersten teil erscheinen 21 Auflagen mit insgesamt Olcott findet die Idee bewundernswert, aber noch unreif. Zuerst sollten die asiatischen Buddhisten einer gemeinsamen Grundlage zustimmen, bevor sie Missionare nach Westen schickten. The universe was evolved, not created; and it functions according to law, not according to the caprice of any god. The truths upon which Buddhism is founded are natural.

    He is an historical personage and his name was Siddhartha Gautama. To get rid of sorrow, therefore, it is necessary to escape rebirth; to escape rebirth, it is necessary to extinguish desire; and to extinguish desire, it is necessary to destroy ignorance. Ignorance fosters the belief that rebirth is a necessary thing. When ignorance is destroyed, the worthlessness of every such rebirth, considered as an end in itself, is perceived, as well as the paramount need of adopting a course of life by which the necessity for such repeated rebirths can be abolished.

    Ignorance also begets the illusive and illogical idea that there is only one existence for man, and the other illusion that this one life is followed by states of unchangeable pleasure or torment. The dispersion of all this ignorance can be attained by the persevering practice of an all-embracing altruism in conduct, development of intelligence, wisdom in thought, and destruction of desire for the lower personal pleasures. The means which he pointed out is called the Noble Eightfold Path; viz. Right Meditation leads to spiritual enlightenment, or the development of that Buddha-like faculty which is latent in every man.

    The merits and demerits of a being in past existences determine his condition in the present one. Each man, therefore, has prepared the causes of the effects which he now experiences. The obstacles to the attainment of good karma may be removed by the observance of the following precepts, which are embraced in the moral code of Buddhism: viz. Five other precepts which need not be here enumerated should be observed by bhikshus and all those who would attain, more quickly than the average layman, the release from misery, and rbirth.

    Buddhism discourages superstitious credulity. He also taught that no one should believe what is spoken by any sage, written in any book, or affirmed by tradition, unless it accord with reason. The reader will observe that whereas the Fourteen Propositions are approved unreservedly by the Buddhist priests of Ceylon, Burmah, and Chittagong, they are accepted by those of Japan as "included within the body of Northern Buddhism ""'. Olcott, Dharmapala bleibt nach der buddhistischen Konferenz in Adyar in Indien.